security · 28 April 2021

How to secure your computer?

An application to control what is entered into the computer via the keyboard

Owners of private and business computers are often forced to control what is happening on them. Applications such as KeyTurion with the Key Loger function are great for full device control.

They can be used by users such as:

  • parents,
  • owners of company computers,
  • superiors providing computers to their subordinates,
  • IT specialists,
  • people responsible for IT equipment,
  • private individuals lending their computers to third parties.

There are many motivations to follow what is happening on the computer. KeyTurion allows you to save everything that is typed into the computer using the connected keyboard. This can be used in many ways.

KeyTurion – Your Best Computer Monitoring Software

How does KeyTurion control the keyboard on the computer?

The KeyTurion application was created on the basis of experience and was created by experienced programmers. While the engine of operation is complex, the diagram remains simple. A person controlling the computer with the help of a properly configured application may have access to any password entered using the keyboard. This data can be checked at a later time or in real time. This can be used to control the entering of passwords, changing passwords, or entering, for example, bank numbers.

Discreet control of entered passwords – it’s possible

The application engine has been designed in such a way that the entire process runs discreetly. The application is designed so that the computer user does not know at all that it is being controlled. The same applies to the KeyLoger function, as the application only places a minimal load on the computer. This prevents it from freezing or showing any signs that any applications are running in the background. The application saves everything that has been typed into text editors, as well as to windows in the web browser. Unlike other programs of this type, KeyTurion does not interfere with commonly used software, which allows for free, precise and, above all, discreet control of a computer or many computers. There are many possibilities – this is an application worth trying out.